1. Administrative staff

2. Department of Replenishment, Development and Cataloging of the Library’s Collection

3. Department of Holding Library’s Collection and Organizing National Collection

4. Department of Bibliography, Library science and Methodology

5. Department of Library’s development programs and International cooperation

6. Department of Electronic Database

7. Serving departments

  • subdepartment of service of preschool and I-IV form children
  • subdepartment of service of children from V-VIII forms
  • subdepartment of service of children from IX-XII forms
  • subdepartment of Organizers of Reading Process
  • Fairy tale hall
  • Leisure time subdepartment

8. Public Relations and Events Management Department

9. Foreign Literature Collection’s Serving subdepartment

  • Iranian Reading Hall
  • Chinese Corner
  • Arabic Corner

10.Musical- Note Documents Department

  • Music Listening subdepartment

11. Administrative – Economic Department

Discover your next book

The preschool and I-IV, V-VIII, IX-XII grades and organizers of reading process serving subsections of Khnko Aper National Children's Library advise to read these books

book title

Hovik Mkhitaryan – The wonderful; Edgar Tatikyan- The snowman

book title

Angela Nanetti – My Grandfather was a Cherry Tree

book title

Anushavan Poghosyan – Before the Storm

book title

Sidney Sheldon –  Rage of Angels

book title

Yervant Odian — Comrade Clueless

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