Library implements

1. informative-library service according to age groups in differentiated halls
2. interlibrary section's service
3. network resources' service
4. library's collection service through electronic catalogue
5. informative resources' searching service
6. informative-bibliographic service
7. psychological service
8. service of children with visual disabilities through the program "Sun"
9. the organization of excursions, storytelling and exhibitions in the library
10. the organization of library (cultural) events      

The responsibilities of the users of the library services:

The users should keep the rules of using the library services and its collection    

b. In case of damaging the collection or the property of the library the user should restore the collection or the property of the library or compensate their costs in market value.        
    In case of breaking these rules the user takes a responsibility prescribed by law.        

Library address

42/1 Teryan street, 0001 Yerevan
Tel.: +37410 521222; fax: +37410520852
The library is open Monday-Saturday 10.00-17.00 
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