registration policy

1. The library serves 3-18 children and youth, as well as teachers, librarians, the organizers of reading process of children's literature.
2. For registration one must present its person identification document /birth certificate and passport/
3. The reader's temporary card is given for 1 year.
4. The registered person must have city registration.
5. In case of changes of place of residence or in case of other significant changes, the reader must warn the library in advance.
6. People who do not have registration of Yerevan or people who live in the regions of RA can use the library collection in place or by means of copying the necessary materials.   

The registration procedure

1. T
he library implements the book giving by giving them out of the library and also in the reading hall of the library.

2. The reader can use the book for 15 limited days and can extend the terms of the use 1 time and notes can be used for 2 months and the right to extend the terms of the use for also for 2 months, if there is no demand for that note at that very moment.
3. The library doesn't give out for use the journals, papers, dictionaries, newsletters, one example books 

Library address

42/1 Teryan street, 0001 Yerevan
Tel.: +37410 521222; fax: +37410520852
The library is open Monday-Saturday 10.00-17.00 
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