psychologist corner

The Psychologist’s corner was opened in 2006 in the library and carries psychological and consulting activities for children and parents, organizers of reading for children (librarians and pedagogues), the goal of which is to maintain the spiritual health of children and help adults and juveniles in their relationships. The Psychologist’s corner may be visited in connection with the following problems: lack of self-esteem, bad mood, absence of interests, fears, anxieties, aggressiveness, psychological discomfort (physically expressed), difficulties with communication, education and professional orientation. Psychologist’s service includes individual consulting, research and testing, fairy tale therapy and psychological trainings, group training sessions for juveniles and youth, group educational workshops for librarians. The corner takes part in library events making psychological analysis and comments. Individual and group spiritual therapy helps regain spiritual (mental) calmness and harmony.

Library address

42/1 Teryan street, 0001 Yerevan
Tel.: +37410 521222; fax: +37410520852
The library is open Monday-Saturday 10.00-17.00 
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