Children's Book Fair

Since 2003 our library and the National Publisher's Association with the support of the Ministry of Culture of RA is organizing Children's Yerevan Book Fair.

International Day for Protection of Children - June 1

Since 1980 every year the library celebrates the International day for protection of children. It organizes festivities, events, joins a citywide open air activities.

Since 2007 the libraries of the Republic of Armenia with the initiative of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Armenia implements "Library Night" program. The aim of the program is popularize the libraries through various cultural events.

Ազգային գրադարանային շաբաթ

Since 2006 it has been implemented "National Library Week" program in collaboration with the National library association. The aim of the program is to capture the public attention on the library issues and to emphasize the role of the libraries among the public.

Week of children's book and music

Since 1980 the library organizes and implements the "Week of children's book and music". All the libraries of the republic are taking part at this event with their programs.

Back to book

Since 2010 "back to book" book art festival has been implemented with "Armenian book center" NGO. With its various events the festival aims to promote the reading culture, to contribute to the development of book art and book publishing culture.

Library address

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The library is open Monday-Saturday 10.00-17.00 
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